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How to Write A Book With Self Publishing

If you have ever wanted to write a book, this is the episode for you.  Self-publishing makes writing and releasing a book easier than ever.  In this episode we dive into tips and techniques on how to write a great book, get edited and every step up to and including getting it published.

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  • Meet Simon
    • He was told that he had a good voice, and he does
    • He started doing audio book recordings
    • He started getting involved with the industry
    • He loves podcasts and then started doing the podcast
  • Why Self Publishing Over Traditional Publishing
    • You have all the control as a self publisher
    • You can use create space and they will do their books for you
    • You get the book at cost, and you can buy them on demand
    • The prints look a lot better then they use too
    • Create space, get that matte cover book
    • You get 70% of the money of the ticket price when you self publish
    • You get less then 10% when you go traditional publishing
    • Go through amazon and you get a ton of the money
  • Disadvantages of Self Publishing
    • You have to do it all yourself
    • The first book will be a little difficult
    • Once you have done it once or twice it gets easier
    • You aren’t going to spend less then 10-20%
    • Its hard to get your book into a Barnes and Noble
    • Getting on the New York Times is all about selling a lot of books
  • New York Times Best Seller List
    • You don’t need to go traditional publishing to get on the list you can be self published
    • A good way to hit the list is to do box sets, and bundle with other books
    • You need to have sales across several platforms to hit the list
    • You have to hit minimum thresholds on other platforms
  • Writing the Book
    • Make a commitment to get the words out everyday
    • The people that are prolific write every day
    • Scrivener is a great tool for writing
    • Write or die is a great app to make you want write
    • One thing you can do is bullet point out your book and then just record your voice doing
    • Then you can get someone to transcribe your recording
  • The Next Step
    • Read through your work a few times
    • Give it to some friends and beta readers
    • After this you can look for an editor KBoards.com is a good way to get started
    • Test out the editor use a few pages from the middle of your book
    • Get on Skype With the editor as well
  • Releasing Your Book
    • Kindle Select is one way to go
    • You also need to do formatting which you can do yourself but its worth hiring someone
    • Don’t make the cover yourself
    • Self Edit as much as you can
    • There are designers that do premade covers for  $40 – $50
  • Marketing the Book
    • The best way to sell books is to use the power of Amazon
    • You can do rent a list type things, where you pay to be apart of someones list
    • They will send out your book to all the people on their list
    • People still go to book signings, which is probably not the best way to sell books
    • Mailing Lists are huge, you need to get people on the email list
  • General Tips
    • You have to put in a lot of time to be a good author
    • Separate Art and the science of selling
    • Don’t look back at the last few months or a year
    • Look back 4 years ago and look at how far you have come
    • Now look forward 4 years and realize there will be major changes
    • Have you ever wanted to write a book
    • Most 20 somethings prob have
    • Getting published is a pain in the ass
    • It doesn’t have to be
    • In fact self publishing is easier, and youll make way more money this way
    • I loved doing this episode simon from rocking self publishing joins me for this Super information packed episode
    • If you do have a goal such as writing a book check out the entire episode I did on the science of how to set and achieve goals
    • Detail how to make and meet any goal you want using science

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