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Year In Review and Goals for the Next Year

Do you have goals for this year?  Have you spent time thinking about how last year went for you?  In this episode I recap my year and go over some intresting things I realized over the last year.  I also quickly go over my goals for next year.


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  1.  Rehash of the year
    1. Working
    2. Jiu jitsu rio
    3. Summer worked my ass off 3-4xed the business
    4. Back home working
  2. I enjoy staying in one place
    1. Maybe the grass is always greener

i.      Ill be happy when

  1. Routines
  2. 3 weeks
  3. Diet routines, fun routines where is everything
  4. Moving is exhausting
  5. Anxiety and flying/ dreams
  6. I want to work
    1. Its been hard to really relax and let go
    2. Haven’t been having much “fun”
    3. I am focused on hitting my goal $200 a day
    4. I think you can only focus at one thing at a time
    5. Splitting my time with language learning was too hard
  7. I need to start enjoying myself more
    1. Kind of a fog from working too much
    2. I have more energy and am more productive after working hard
    3. Rio – getting a va
  8. I need to take better care of my body
    1. Nagging pains, fix them
    2. With pain its hard to focus
    3. I am not me
    4. Its hard to enjoy yourself
    5. East has been saying it forever Chi, Chakras
    6. But its science/common sense
    7. Opening up “energy to flow” could blood vessels or Nerves transmitting signals
    8. Feels like a loss of energy
    9. AMIT, Yoga, ART, try eastern medicine, more stretching and general rehab

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