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Yoga, Meditation, Eastern Philosophy and Chakras Part 1

Science is amazing, but there are still things that happen all around us that science can’t yet explain.  Infact a lot of what science is know confirming are things that have been known for thousands of years but eastern societies.  For example everything thing is just energy is what e=mc squared means.  New research in posture reflecting on our personality is what yogis and chakra enthusiasts have been preaching for millennia.  Somethings in this episode may be a little out there for many of you, but I recommend listening with an open mind.

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  • Anything is possible through yoga and meditation
  • Elise straight up healed her cancer through yoga, and yes you might think that is a little out there; but you can’t argue with the results.
  • She talks about how finding out that she got cancer lead her to realize that she not only wanted to, but needed to radically change her life.
  • The goal of yoga is to create balance. As Elise says between the sun and moon parts of you and your body.
  • Sun being the sympathetic and moon being parasympathetic. Think of it as the balance between left and right brain, conscious and subconscious.  Balance between the wallstreet guy who is always hustling and the hippie that has dropped out and just hugs trees.  That is the goal to create a balance between the two opposites.

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