How to play casino Roulette games according to the rules and win


How to play casino Roulette games review

If a newbie is going to learn how to play casino Roulette, he should remember at the beginning that there are 2 types of a Roulette wheel: with 37 and with 38 pockets. This is the game that cannot be compared with other games of chance. Here, the result of each round is independent, and it has no connection with previous round results.

How to play casino Roulette games

Serious gamblers that are eager to learn how to play casino Roulette, always learn Roulette rules “by heart”: a player just make bets without this knowledge will probably lose.

Roulette consists of the playing field, a table and the wheel with a ball. The gameplay varies depending on the country and region. The best-known variants are:

  • European;
  • French;
  • American Roulette.
  • The player who is interested in how to play Roulette at casino must bet on the number on which a small ball falls. He can also bet on many different events (such as red / black, even / odd, etc.). There is almost no difference between online games and similar games in land casinos. There are many systems, but no Roulette strategy to win: those who wish to know how to play casino Roulette games must know it.

    The playing field

    The bets are placed on the field of the table (usually, it is green). To learn casino game Roulette how to play rules, other things here must be also considered:

  • The goal is to determine in advance in each individual game what number the ball will “choose”: this is the main thing to remember when wishing to learn how to play casino Roulette.
  • The usual bets (single numbers, red/black, even / odd) can be found on every field.
  • The ball is thrown into the rotating wheel. The field in which the ball comes to rest finally, wins.
  • The numbers’ order is always the same.
  • Red and black numbers alternate with one exception: “26 — 0 – 32” area.

    Roulette gameplay and bets

    “Make your game!” and “Make your bets!” are the exclamation of a croupier to start betting round. He asks the players for their bets. These are done with chips (tokens). If it is a Roulette slot, the machine does everything automatically. The player simply clicks his mouse on the field’s number. Minimal and maximum rates of bets depend on a casino.

    Roulette has inside and outside bets that can be made on an individual number or specific digits or combinations of various numbers. These are bets with a potentially high payout but a low probability. They are called inside bets for a simple reason: these ones are placed in the table’s center. Outside bets (placed outside) have simple opportunities. This means that the payouts for these bets are rather small, but the chances are better.

    Asking how to win at Roulette, many players get disappointed at the beginning as no strategy, but only practice and knowledge will help them to understand finally how to play casino Roulette well.

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